Black Luxe Kitchen

More Space and Less Visible Appliances

This  modern  line of cabinet and design is all about seeing less while still doing more. It’s all about mixing and matching. If your cabinets are in black, then you’ll want walls, floors and the ceiling in another shade and contrasts . Pushing an air of a clean and simplistic space, small appliances are being integrated into cabinets and will be out of plain sight. Built-in appliances are gaining popularity and have proven to be effective in the overall kitchen layout. Yet for those appliances that will be left visible, you can expect them to have a matte finish.

You can expect a mixture of concrete, matte  and wood to bring in a sophisticated yet ultra-modern twist to this space. Those elements replace the marble finishes and offer a more affordable and durable option for interior designers, as marble can be prone to damage. Mixing the darker colors in will give you an overall luxurious look.

  • Stlye: Swedish Clean
  • Layout: 2 Unit Shape
  • Design Code: #1538