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2022 Luxury Kitchens

In this Pinterest and Instagram world in which we live, we’ve almost developed an addiction to the idea of luxury kitchens. Consequently, our concept of a dream kitchen has been catapulted forward into markedly more ambitious territory. Our parents’ generation would have considered it a luxury just to have a little bit of extra counter space or maybe a few new appliances .The concept of a prep kitchen is not new to the high-end home market.


A luxury kitchen will never have cluttered counters. An array of small appliances lined up on a kitchen counter looks cramped…messy…and that’s stressful. That’s why the kitchens that I design always have a dedicated space to conveniently store (out-of-sight) the vast array of small countertop appliances that tend to busy up a kitchen. Appliances such as a coffee maker, a toaster, a blender, a Cuisinart, a stand mixer, etc.


The prettiest kitchens have flush-inset cabinetry. Admittedly, there is a big step-up in cost for going with flush-inset doors, but if you can train your eye to recognize the difference, you’ll start noticing that the most stunning luxury kitchens have flush-inset cabinetry. Realize that this may not be in everyone’s budget, but if it’s at all within grasp, I’m encouraging you to go for it.

Luxury is livable. There is no point in spending a load of money to make your kitchen look like a million bucks if you have to get down on your knees to fish something out of the back of your cabinet. Invest in the things that will make your kitchen convenient to YOU! This may be different for different people, but here are a few suggestions to get you started:

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