Instead of stacking your ceramic baking dishes on top of one another, give them each a designated spot to rest. Space out a set of customizable drawer dividers — plastic or wood — for easy reach..

So everything inside this multi-purpose cabinet room, if you will, needs to be necessary, first of all. (Check out this decluttering checklist if you need help getting started in this department.) Once you’ve whittled it down to what you need, it’s time to store each item right where you need it in a way that you can get it out and put it away easily. It’s a tall order, but one that must be filled for your kitchen to function like the frustration-less well-oiled machine you’ve always dreamed of. No one can tell you exactly how to organize your kitchen because the best use of your particular space depends on tailoring your storage decisions and kitchen organization to the ways that will best serve you and how you work in the kitchen..